Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kale Chips Southern Style

 While visiting family in Mobile Alabama this pass holiday season . I gathered my nephews and nieces and we made kale chips.

 On a early morning coffee run my brother Andrew and myself came across a farm stand managed by a good old boy who grew all the greens himself. We purchase large bunches of kale that up in the Northeast farmers markets would've cost me triple the amount of money. The kale was lush and green, the farmer smiled and gave us beautiful sun ripened tomatoes finding out we were from the north.

 Around the kitchen table we pulled the kale carefully. We each tasted the kale to see what it would taste like raw. There were some smiles and skirmishes as each tasted a different flavor of bitter and sweet. We arranged the kale on four different sheet pans. We drizzled EVO on the kale chips and sprinkle lightly with sea salt then baked at 250° for 15-20 minutes. ( I burned the first tray, nobody's perfect)

 We had the kale chips as an appetizer for large holiday meal that we had prepared. As I've discovered children love kale chips adults are about 50-50 whether or not they like them.


  1. Peter, my kids are huge kale chip fans. I love getting lacinato kale, keeping in whole, baking it and then serving the whole stalk whole.

  2. Kale rocks and kale chips sure do satisfy that hand to mouth thing so many of us love to do!!!